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I want to try something herbal for my social anxiety, had this worked for anyone?w
creatorsxillussion creatorsxillussion 22-25, F 5 Answers Jan 10, 2013 in Health

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well gotta realize their two different things , as social fear usually stem from lacking communication skills, while social anxiety stem from past things said or done<br />
so really there are no medical remedies, however they can be dealt with through natural things such as love, etc. those remedies are already within us, gotta use or learn how to use those inner things inside us including faith too

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Probably not, but there's stuff you can get on presc<x>ription if you're not scared off by adverse effects or addiction issues.

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Well, if anything there'll be a placebo effect. <br />
If it doesn't work it won't hurt either, so... No harm in trying, right?

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