The answer to your question can be both yes and highlighted in another answer here social change is dependent on the particular society and the individuals within that society demanding change. However any one person with a drive for change can act as a catalyst for social change.<br />
On another note regarding an answer posted astounds me that someone who has been a social worker can be so horrendously judgemental and make such broad sweeping statements!!! Did you never learn or embrace one of the core social work values: non-judgemental attitudes? Now I am not saying that all social workers are good people...because its a sad fact that social work and care draws power hungry individuals who are power freaks and who exploit the vulnerable people we aim to support. However not all are like any other profession social workers have employers and seniors who at the end of day no matter what we assess an individual as requiring, we cannot over ride their decisions :/ We work within red tape consisting of multiple and often conflicting accountabilities, the law, and often **** peices of policy which makes social work such as grey area to work in that practitioners hardly know if they are coming or going!<br />
I do believe that everyone has the right to their own thoughts and opinions...however that said...thoughts and opinions ba<x>sed on true facts tend to sit better with me...yours I just downright disagree with.

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