ive had to increase my vitamin d cause of constant cracking and popping joints and now im finding im sleeping thru the night more and not waking up as much and staying asleep longer, any connection to that? ive had to take about 2000 iu's, if i take less my joints are constantly cracking, just wondered about the connection, i do take benadryl at night cause of allergies but i was taking it before i increased it and i was up all the time and now im sleeping thru the night more, not that im complaining, i love it, so whats going on?
lederman lederman 51-55, F 6 Answers Dec 28, 2012 in Health

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Vitamin D is found in milk and warm milk has been known to help folks get to sleep.

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I don't think Vitamin D has anything to do with why you are getting more sleep.

Vitamin D is good for you bones and it is good for reducing depression.

I know that Magnesium is very good for making you less anxious and feeling nervous it also helps to relax your muscles and makes you sleep easier during the night.

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1 valerian

2 melatonin

3 kava

And there are others

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I took high doses of vitamin D for awhile...didn't improve my sleep any. Wish it did.

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