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Addiction to sleeping pills is really bad ****.

I am Sleepless in LA for a reason. I have been known to stay up for 6 days at a time. No, not on drugs of any kind. I started off with mild sleeping pills then went to Cloral Hydrate. It is really strong stuff, very addictive. Sadly, it stopped working so I had to move on to Haladol. This stopped working.

I have been to sleep clinics to no avail. More than 4 and a half days awake has landed me in a mental hospital more than once.

Now when I have these boughts of insomnia there is nothing left to take and I have to suffer.

I think I am part ant.

You see the ant never sleeps.

Apparently neither do I.

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Are you taking the medication as suggested? Is this over the counter meds or prescription? There are many other ways to handle frustration, however i am a recovering alcoholic/addict and for me if it is mind altering in anyway shape or form, over the counter or prescription i know that with time i will be using them to self medicate, which is from what you are describing what you are doing. What kind of frustration? I do not believe that taking anything to help you cope is the answer or solution to the problem, you need to deal directly with the frustration for it to be gone completely, otherwise you are just numbing in for a brief period and when you are done numbing it will be there still for you to deal with or you will have to continue to escape from it. These are just my opinions, however to be completely honest i think that you need to consult with your family physician and perhaps they can suggest a possible remedy. Good luck to you and please for your own sake, put down the bottle of pills and talk with someone you can trust about what is goin on in your heart and in your head......

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Sad to say I've used the stuff before... I think there are some out there that are not addictive. You may speak with your doctor or healthcare provider and see about Melatonin supplements. I've actually never tried that, but that's because I think the night and I became good friends at some point.

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