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not always. i can get drunk and still not let out dark secrets. in your friends case however, a drunk man trying to sleep with a woman is not exactly a rare occurence. probably a case of the penis contolling more than the brain

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UMM..NO NO NO! just because he tried sleeping with you donest mean he likes you when guy's get drunk they are horny he would basically sleep with anybody. Ask him about it. sometimes when I'm drunk i drink when I'm mad and i try to hurt people with words because I'm mad.

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Did you enjoy it though?

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Yes in a way I believe that but not completely. Mostly you just lose your inhibitions. Some strange stuff has happened when ive been drunk. The strangest stuff is of course the stuff I don't remember.

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I totally believe so yes.

I'm convinced it does.

I was raised and surrounded by alcoholics growing up.. so I would know lol

yes it does.

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