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well theres this girl who i think im deeply in love with im 14 and have a boyfriend and this girl is also 14 she always used to flirt with me constantly touching me complimenting stroking legs and one time she even kissed up my arm and once said to me at school are you going to dinner cos i could sure eat you but it was like a phaze and she always said she was joking ? but ever since i got a boyfriend she hardly texts me anymore she always keeps a distance from me and the other day she said she she was moving house but she only told me ...anyways i always dream of her and can never stop thinking about her its driving me mad, but shes never invited me to her house or anything or never wants to do anything outside of school with me i really dont understand her ?and yes im a girl but ive never seen myself as a lesbian so im not sure weather its just the attention from her im missingyeah but its like she never wants to hang out or anything after school its like she wont let me in to see the real her or her family but she always used to be really happy to see me and laughed at everything i said and always said ooh your looking extra sexy today and this was infront of other people at school !! but now i cant stop dreaming about her its like im going mental i see her everhwere !!!
pag777 pag777 16-17 5 Answers May 6, 2012

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Two ways to look at it. Either she really was joking, and doesn't think it's appropriate now that you're dating. Or, she thought you were a lesbian, but now that you're dating a guy, she realized that you weren't interested.

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Are you sure your not into girls or at least this one? It sounds to me that your in the middle of a sexual identity crisis. Your too young to know for sure anyways. Just a little off track but she may not see you after school cause she is having trouble admitting that she likes you this way. :)

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Hahahah wow! Teenage loving! <br />
Pardon for the early chuckles. <br />
Can you give more information on ways she shows affection on you? Because the ones you have just shared for my opinion are sexual acts, which I find normal even with straight girls doing it with each other because I have said it's a "sexual act" its a primitive gesture. Give me more like, does she laugh when she sees your messy hair but then pats you on the back or touches your head? something like that ... :D

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