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Okay well ive liked this guy for a few months and today we were talking about relationships and how we dont like being in them when he just says all i would really like would be a **** buddy and I also said me too cuz it would be easier but anyway he asks me if we could go do sexual stuff so i yes and we went over to his house. So we were just sitting on his couch looks at me and says well id rather not do anything and end up messing our friendship up just for a quick **** and i was thinking this too so we ended up not dong anything with each other. I dont know if this means he likes me or he just friends and it seems like he would like to friends but if he didnt like me then why would he have asked for us to **** so see im confused if he just wants to be friends or if he wants to be more than friends. Could anyone tell me what this means cuz I just dont know, plz dont be rude or mean thanxs =]
emocupcakes emocupcakes 18-21, F 3 Answers Jan 19, 2011

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He paniced and froze up. He wants you sexually, is kicking himself in the *** for letting you leave, but he is nervous about how to proceed. His inexperience is cute. <br />
I suspect you can have this however you choose. **** buddy, relationship or marriage. Just lead the way.

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Don't **** him and see what happens, whether he stays or leaves

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