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They scare me. I've been going to this school for two years and ever since I started going here this othe girl runs me down. I model in NY in the summers.. I don't even get paid well btw, but it is fun... She finds me when I'm alone and insults me, how I look. She's really popular, everyone even the teachers think she's an angel.. This seems ok, what freaks me out is tht she's started to use her friends and wannabe people against me.. She spread a rumor I'm gay.. I don't talk much n keep to myself.. She told people I'm jealous of her and I pick on her.. People believe her. She saw someone spit on me and smiled. She tells me sometimes she knows what she does hurts me... Very flatly.. She blames everything she does to me ON ME... I just count the days till I leave... People don't seem to care wht I say.. This person will burst ino tears if I try to talk to them and make up I said something etc.. I'm terrified of them.. Bc I don't understand why they can do such things
Vetiver93 Vetiver93 16-17, F 3 Answers Jan 10, 2013 in Community

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Envy is a monster....make sure when you leave,leave no trace of where your going .

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