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I mean it everytime I say it to my bf. I don't want him breaking his back or ruining his health because he's terrified I won't wait for him. I also know that things change all the time but at this moment when I say "I'll wait for you forever, or as long as it takes" I mean it with every fiber in my soul.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Yah, I've heard that before...

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I think it does. I would say those best to answer your question would be those who might answer you by personal example. Forever is a long time; I would imagine there are those who might say they would wait forever that do ... but then again?

Those who take their marriage vows promise many things. One of those vows is that they will love one-another forever and that they will let *nothing* get in the way. I'm more than sure there have been those who promised they would, but then ... they didn't.

Forever is a long time, a promise should last a lifetime but in reality there are those who fail. We can *all* mean what we say, but at the same time we can *all* fall by the wayside and I often wonder if this is such a terrible thing or if life itself is just as unforgiving in it's promises

Just a few thoughts on the topic and it makes one really think. Good question :-)


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yes..true love wait but very rare .Out of 10 only 2 wait for their love else go for the other option. And by saying "i'll wait for you forever" i mean to some i'll see and syrely wait for my love but in case if my patience shatters then it is obvious that i will go fr some other person who is atleast bothered of what i m thinking.

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