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I'm at peace with most of my family but at the same time there are some members of my family that drives me batshit crazy just by being themselves

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My son drives me a little crazy, but he's fifteen and autistic, so I guess that goes with the territory. He probably feels crazy too when I tell him to brush his teeth.

The only other family member I'm in touch with is my mom. And she stopped making me crazy about a decade ago. Much better now.

That's about all the outside "crazy" I can handle. I get enough of that from myself.

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they make me wish that id died yrs ago in my last accident

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In my very small circle of two sons, a mom, 3 grandkids and an off/on again daughter n law, they create so much drama its getting to be unbearable. Sometimes I don't know why I get up to relive it all over again.

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