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Actually, my husbands usually acted more like a child-man! I think most men do. Society's traditions have been for men to be responsible for earning a living, taking care of his family, etc., etc. Part of the way of coping with all this responsibility is to rebel and act like children. Many men are looking for mothers, rather than wives or partners. To me, mature man is an oxymoron. I can't say any man I have ever met would qualify as being mature, unless you think of mature as old.

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First off ~ Im a man ~ 30 years old ~ I think most people would consider me a man child ! ~ Don't get me wrong ! Im responsible & mature 2 an extent ! ~ There is also a side to me that like to hang out with my "Man child" buddies and well ~ act like teenagers ~ Play video games, laugh about immature things, drink beer, play cards, eat pizza etc. ~ I think the times have changed ! Im single for example, no childrenz ~ I rent rather then own a home ~ I change jobs often because I get board & want a change ~ I also move 2 a new city every couple years for a new experience These were not options for the average man even 20 years ago ! ~ Bassically I have no "Real responsibilility" ~ I am rather responsible through, I think ?! ~ Good question ! ~ I hope u get some female input on the issue ~

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He's not my husband yet, we're engaged - and been together over 7 years, but yes. Part of the reason I love him, part of the reason we work together so well is because he lets me take care of him. Of course, he also takes care of me in a different way.

I don't think I've ever met ANY man, married or not who didn't still hold a bit of childishness withing himself- I think it's perfectly normal!


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