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she lets him do whatever he wants, even if it's harmful. she has gone against our rules even when the husband actually told her not to (which he never has in the past so it was a bit shocking ~ but she probably thought I just complained and made him do it)

he could have chocolate cake and beer for breakfast at 13 y.o. (thank goodness it has never happened) and she would not care. he is exposed to things he shouldn't be exposed to over there and allowed to go in his uncle's room when said uncle is not home...knowing there are adult rated materials just sitting in plain sight in there >:/

and he has been allowed on the computer, any site he wants, even though that too ends up on sites he shouldn't really be exposed to -_-

I finally told the husband he has to be present if there are any more overnights at grandma's house so he can at least make sure those things don't happen anymore.

as for my mother...well i wish he had more contact with her but life decided otherwise -_-

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My mil never acknowledged I have children. To her they are dead or weren't born. Too bad for the world she is still alive and kicking and clawing and spitting venom and...

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my mother, in fact, spoiled my kid.

my mother-in-law was ridiculously strict about very stupid things.

theyr'e both gone, and he turned out fine anyway ;)

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I went through this with mine. The truth is, it took almost a week to remind my little girl that she didn't get everything she wanted when she wanted it when she returned home from an overnight with mamaws. Lol I would literally say it too, I would say, mamaws gives you what you want when you want it. But you're home now, and mommy doesn't do that. I always explained to mine why they could not have or could not do something though. I felt it was important to respect children, they're logical creatures for the most part, and when they weren't, they got a time out lol.

While having mamaws spoil her rotten was a headache for me, I thought it was good for her to have variety and she looked forward to seeing her mamaws so much, it was worth it I think. That's kind of what grandparents do, make visiting them a real treat, especially since the normal day to day isn't like that for them. So in moderation I think it's ok ;)

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