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pegasuss pegasuss 61-65, M 1 Answer Dec 26, 2012 in EP

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Oh, I can relate to that. My friend (a guy) decided to have a sex-change. While the doctors had him on the table, they decided to remove the frontal portion of his brain -- you know --- cognitive thinking. Off the table steps this beautiful, buxom girl, who now has the IQ of a salad bar. I knew "she" was in trouble when I asked her her name and it took her 20 minutes to answer. I had to tell her: "take your time, dear ---- it's a hard question". <br />
She managed to land a job with a major airline as a flight attendant. That only lasted one week until she got fired. Why? Well, she was showing passengers how to evacuate the aircraft via the "shoot". She managed to evacuate some 249 passengers in less than 15 minutes, which set a new record. The only problem was, that the plane was 30,000 feet in the air when she did it. It took the forest rangers 2 months to gather the bodies scattered over the Rockies.

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Full of shite. ot a thought in sight. Point proven.

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