I am all about owners being slapped for misbehaved dogs. As well parents teach your kids to respect dogs. Ask to pet them and never ever approach a dog that is not on a leash!! Just common sense.
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Some dog breeds are bred for fighting. Not all aggressive dogs are aggressive because of bad treatment or training by humans. Some just have that instinct in them (i.e., the "one owner" type of dogs). That's not to take the responsibility off the human, as they're the ones that keep breeding the dogs. Unfortunately, the types of dogs that do the most biting are owned by some of the dumbest people. So any type of education program is futile.

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the humans need a good kick in the a$$. Dangerous dogs are dangerous because they were taught to be whether it was intentional or not. The "dangerous" breeds are only dangerous bc people have made it that way.

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people do need to know that dogs can't really be trusted, and behave accordingly.

but the dogs (and owners) definitely need to be trained too. i've seen way too much of dog owners blaming the victim.

for example: "he shouldn't have moved his arm that way!" (when he was nowhere near the dog, just in the dog's eyesight.)

for example: "but i always keep him on a leash. i just let him off that one time."

for example: "if my dog doesn't like someone, then i know there's something really wrong with that person." (seriously . . . humans actually have rights, hypothetically!)

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I've always felt that a $10,000 fine against the owner was much better than putting down the dog.

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Agree. Many dogs out there are not all that happy to be around humans and if they are loyal to just one person, they are not going to be very social. I put the emphasis on the owner 100%

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I couldn't agree more

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