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I don't how to even say it but here it go's I have been with my boyfriend for about 6yrs but I have been thinking more and more about being with another women. I have kissed women before but I have done noting more then kiss. I want more but I dont know how to tell him because I dont want to brake up with him. even at that I'm not sure how to tell if a girl likes me like that anymore cos its been that long since I had to find out. or were to go
IamMeMeisMe IamMeMeisMe 26-30, F 5 Answers Feb 26, 2014 in LGBT

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decide what you: want more

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I had a similar situation. .. for me it was only 2 years though .. you have to decide if you really love this guy or its just a comfortable habit. .. Once you know that then you can move on ... If you decide you really love him then you need to decide what to do about your desires .. Sometimes we can't have what we want without losing something else ... Only you can decide what is more impact to you ... Also some guys will be ok with you experimenting and some won't. .. It depends on how secure they feel ... Come up with those answers and you're halfway there ... Good luck and hugs

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Another typical 20 year old girl who has no idea about anything in her life and won't be decent enough to break things off with her boyfriend so she can sort herself out. Come on girl! Dump the guy, get your head on straight and stop fking up other people's lives!

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