The lawmaker behind a bill aimed at curtailing TSA (Transportation Security Administration) grope downs and naked body scanners warns that Americans will be subjected to such harassment on sidewalks ..... Beginning in November 2010, TSA added new enhanced screening procedures, including backscatter X-ray and millimeter wave scans that display images of passengers' bodies to TSA officers, as well as sliding pat-downs in which TSA officers screen passengers' breasts, buttocks, and groin areas with the back of their hands.

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This is not a cooking and baking question! lol

For the record, I think that the body scan technology actually was implemented so that people would feel LESS violated during a pat-down, but basically you have to have some sort of search on your body, otherwise they'd let in people who are hiding weapons in their clothes.

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oh well.......blame the cowardly terrorists that started all this crap

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OK--How else are they going to Screen people?????

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Hmm--What is going on when "Modesty(or being ashamed of our bodies) Trumps SAFETY--??

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I`d love to see a whole airport full of people refuse!!!!

And the stay in the airport till the government has to back down.

No offence but these measures are way over the top.

Yes 10 years ago you "lost" 4 planes on one day.

And in the last 10 many have you lost?

And if anyone with half a brain wanted to bring a plain down.........

do you really think they will walk through the airport and board a flight?

When all they need is an employee pass to get airside.

And have unlimited access to the plains.

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i quite like the look on the security guys face when i am in the scanner

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Shure--Be selfrightous& Then MABE be DEAD!

If a whole plane load refused the secruity& they let everyone on(including someone you care about!

Then someone does blow up the plane

Would refusing be worth it??

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I do not fly anymore. I used to love flying. But not anymore.

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yeah, my dad's an airline mechanic for delta airlines.

Let's just say that I am suppriesed those things don't fall out of the air more often. And it's only going to get worse. Delta was bought out by sky west, yeah, a giant airline was bought out by a small group who owns a bunch of propeller planes and flies inside the united states. And they're management is running the company into the ground. Not exactly a practice that is going to create safety in the air. They don't even stock parts to fix planes any more. They expect mechanics to do regular maintenance, whilst keeping like maybe 1 of any part in stock. even if it does make it in stock. How can you fix an airplane with two of everything on each wing, or more, with one good part? They send planes back into servies with broken parts, even before this, now, i dunno.

But let's just say that my dad always was in the past, and is only getting worse now, not willing to "sign off" on things. Mechanics have to sign that they have fixed a problem, or that they determined they cannot fix it and need to send it to another airport to be fixed, or wait for a part or something. So when a group of people work on something, somebody needs to sign it off, or they need to sign it off anyways and not work on it, like some of them do. But they're asking to be ruined when what they signed off on proves to cause a disaster.

Sorry i interrupted with my own ramblings. I have really strong opinions on the scanners too. I believe that the interests in privacy is just an annoyance of being searched for weapons or drugs. However, i believe the scanners are going to be causing skin cancers and hurting fetuses. I call them fetus friers.

Can you imagine what a newly pregnant flight attendant is doing to their fetus now? can anyone say stillbirths? miscarriages? childhood brain cancers?

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Yes that does happen and it's sad.. Not even the childreen are safe.

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You are correct, lemme know how it goes.

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