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lili86 lili86 22-25, F 8 Answers Sep 29, 2010

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"will power" did not work for me. "will power" suggests that I have to fight, resist - and this is negative. for me, I find that anytime I focus negatively on something I fail.<br />
I seem to do best when I focus on positive things. when I had 40 lbs to lose I focused on doing what was best for me. I still had to get used to a new way of living, but eventually it got to the point where I prefered the "good stuff".<br />
Because healthy food really is better for my body, I found that I felt so much better, that each time I needed to make a choice, it got easier and easier.

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tastes sooo good but it is just a way of treating yourself to your interpretation of wanting to feel good. I am guilty of it too! other things feel good too like for me a long walk on the perfect day, church and the like. But food is easy to get and its a fast fix! what is your favorite food vice? Mine is dbl chse burger and a Dr. Pepper! Send me some discipline! lol

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i do, just choose not to most of the time. it is easier to sqwak with others about the problems of self discipline then just doing something about it

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