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YES it's true one way or another everything happens for a reason we may not like it at the time but there is a reason...

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Your still kicking, so something worked out.

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Such a lie

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No sayings are always true, including the sayings of the Prophets, and this statement of mine.

Everything changes, yes, if we patiently wait, then bad things today, may become good tomorrow.

But, good things today will become bad tomorrow too!

Moreover, our concept about good and evil today, will also change tomorrow.

That is why responsible people don't use the golden rules or old doctrines to solve world problems,

they have to learn anew, to think anew, to find out new solutions.

And future generations will have their freedom of new education and new action.

We don't have to worry, we have to learn incessantly.

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Yes. I do believe that is usually the case. Things can only get so tight before they work themselves loose or just fall apart.... not much is static, so it goes to reason that things are going to change. Sooner or later. I think that encouraging line means that there is a strong possibility that if you are patient enough, a bad situation will turn better.

Though it might get worse first. And I'm afraid that sometimes you aren't the one who witnesses the change. But the potential for it is always there.

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Absolutely, it always go one way or another, and life keeps us moving. Sometimes, the situation we would like to see happen is not the best for us. As they said in the movie Jurassic Park, life always finds its way.

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