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I hate it when they sing around the house especially in the summer when the windows are open. My mom can';t sing to save her life while my dad can sing but it's just GAH!
Maryse7 Maryse7 18-21, F 8 Answers Nov 23, 2012 in Community

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No my kids don't mind my singing it's my dancing they hate lol. Enjoy your youth you'll be old just like us one day and your kids will be dissing you lol.

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Some of my happiest memories are of my dad and I singing in the car. We didn't get along that much when I was growing up, but we did like music and we both could carry a tune. <br />
<br />
It might seem annoying now, but you might just miss it one day. Just saying. :-)

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My parents sing on a daily basis but they both have good voices and dont sing very loudly so it doesnt bother me that much until company comes over.

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