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Shaun225 Shaun225 22-25, M 4 Answers Dec 23, 2012 in Family Struggles

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Depends on the situation, I consider being a pretty good on judging a situation when it comes to family.<br />
And will address them that even try to lay a guiilt trip on me.<br />
I call it front stabbing.<br />
I'm a Christian and say what I feel inside.<br />
Next time this happens to you think love.<br />
Will you just being a additive to their problem or relieving the hounddog's from haunting them.<br />
Or maybe they might be a little spoiled and there needs have stretched to far.<br />
Do those a favour now and then and teach them to tighten there belts.<br />
In my world it's called reality, saying no and walking away and not listening to a guilt trip might do them a world of good.<br />
But be there for them when you have to.<br />
The wisedom is in your heart go with it and no worry when it comes to family.

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Yes, I don't even answer the phone when my brother calls...all he ever wants is more money. He already owes me several thousand dollars.

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You must really love your brother.

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