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Eg. A boy who was bullied murdered his bully. - ''MADE UP!!'' Somebody at school has an IQ test taken by a doctor. People ask him what it is, and it is 140. - ''LIAR!! ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY HAVE AN IQ ABOVE 100!! NEVERRRRR!'' Somebody politely disagrees with their opinion ''OMG TROLl! REPORT REPORT REPORT!!'' Somebody asks science questions ''OMFG! SCIENCE IS SO LAME. IT ISN'T ABOUT CELEBRITIES AND BABIES! REPORT REPORT REPORT! LIAR! TROLLLL!345834905834'' PS, the way I writ the 'responses' are pretty much how people actually typed them. OMFG! SOMEONE DARES SPEAK OUT AGAINST PEOPLE! THIS POST IS MADE UP!!!!
medianvalve medianvalve 18-21, M 1 Answer Nov 4, 2012 in Community

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Your post is like reverse-trolling. Don't expect much love.

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