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Sesi1990 Sesi1990 22-25, F 5 Answers Nov 7, 2012 in Community

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not especially - i still have SERIOUS doubts about him and his some of his policies......he'll likely do less IMMEDIATE damage than that sociopath romney - but long term effect from things like that nightmare debacle dubbed 'obabacare' - and i READ the 2,700 pages of obamacare -so before you question my conclusion - GO READ IT not only won't be effective - it will be counterproductive, waste billions if not trillions of dollars over the next few years and create a bureaucratic monster so inefficient and costly it would give anyone with serious health concerns heinous nightmares - anyone with any legal understanding and experience with similar government inaccuracies - like the childcare system - which pales in comparison to obamacare in scope, inefficiency and cost .....

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im not a fan of the electoral college, nor is anyone with half a brain.

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