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To be a separatist, is it required that a person have the mental capacity of a person with tertiary syphilis? You don't get to eat your cake and keep it, too, you Québécois tw@ts. (And neither will you, you manky Scots gits.) No one can stop you from using the other country's currency, but you don't get to vote on that other, independent, country's monetary policies.
TheSquirrel TheSquirrel 51-55, M 2 Answers Mar 12, 2014 in Politics

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They are just a bunch of immature babies. Let them separate, than they will be begging to rejoin.

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That's what I say. The rest of Canada could keep taxes where they are and have a huge amount of money to do infrastructure work with. Cut taxes or whatever. The union will be better off without the drain.

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