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Ok, just last week my mom told me that she couldn't afford to buy me a new cell phone phone, which I really need, because the one I have is old. But, today we found out that she was pregnant!!!! Not that I am unhappy about a new baby or anything, but wth, you can't even afford the kids you have, can't even get you daughter a new cell phone, but still having more kids, I mean I just think it's selfish.
konfusedd konfusedd 16-17, F 6 Answers Jul 18, 2012

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Not all pregnancies are planned, but would you really expect your mom to have an abortion just o you can afford to get a cellphone? Try getting a job.

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I agree with you that if money is tight to nonexistent then bearing another child seems unreasonable. You don't need a new phone if yours still funtctions properly.

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she shouldn't have another kid if she can't afford it<br />
you're being selfish to demand a new phone 'cos your's is old

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