Why talk about killing yourself? If you really wanna do it then just do it and stop bitching about how ypur life is so bad. If you live with your parents still then u probably dont have to go to work everyday and make a liveing, u dont have bills topay, you dont buy ur own food for the the week u dont have the adult responcabilityies of living alone. So go a head and kill urself if you wanna but only you can make ur life beter. Only you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and go to school and get an education and then use that to get a great job so you can get ypur own car and apartment and then live the life u wanna live rather then life the one ur parents make for you while you live with them and eat the food they pay for and use the internet and cable tv they pay for. I am sure you wash with the water they pay for and wear the clothse they buy for you. 
So get off your *** and make your life the way you want it to be rather then just bitching about a life you hate?

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