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Before i got married i had a dream where me and some adults were talking while a dark headed toddler went into a garage out of the adults sight, a truck (mixer) reversed out of the garage slowly, all of a sudden there were body parts and blood falling out of the mixer - as well as the toddlers parts. on the 7 th of June this year i had a dream where my daughter (3jrs) had some friends over and we were in town along with the mothers of all 3 the other girls. i went into a shop while the kids where with the other moms. i heard noises outside and rushed outside finding that many cars have run over all 4 the girls of which my daughter was the only one still half alive. the other moms didnt even go to check on their kids they just chatted on. i picked up my child, her head was bursted open i could see her brains, her skull could open like a nut. she kept looking me in my eyes. for over an hour i could not get hold of any medical assistance. after an hour her eyes started to fade
Milette Milette 26-30, F Jul 1, 2014 in Community

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