In my dream I walk around a abandoned town and meet a young boy who takes me to a sort of hotel/apartment building. Once inside I meet a group of kids around 14-16 years old. I speak with them about somethings(I can't remember exactly what). After a while I leave the room and as I open the door a girl around 14-16 who I've never met asked me "I was in that video you dont remember me?" I replied "no" she then gave me her name I believe it was nala,ngala or gala. I replied "no" again and as I was leaving she stopped me and gave me a number and told me "if I promised to call her and message her every night and that I would never forget about her". I agreed and promised her. Need opinions on what it could mean
bourgeoisiesoul bourgeoisiesoul 22-25, M 1 Answer Dec 5, 2013 in Dream Meanings

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