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Dreamt I was followed by dark object every time I mentioned god's name it went away woke up pics of me sleeping on phone...What does this mean?
freespirit9 freespirit9 22-25, M 4 Answers Jun 28, 2012

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Wow, that's creepy. I'd pray to God that you remain safe. I'll pray for you.

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What do you mean there are pics of you sleeping on your phone? That Odd. As Far as the Dark Figure...thats Scary **** and I wonder sometimes Why in the middle of the Night. a Mysterious Shadow thing (its hard to describe) but I Feel paralyzed to my bed and I cant move. and I Try to use any oz of Strength I can to move. I start to breath heavily because thats all I can Do, and my entire body shakes. kinda like I your arms or legs do when your Cold, but Its my entire body and I am not Cold. When I wake up... Im usually Sweating... and most of the nights that it happens to me are nights when I go to bed Angry, and I am alone... I wish there was some kinda of test that I wish someone could see, or have pics of me... so I could understand.

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