Do you think more people abuse EGO? And how can one use ego to make it a gift?
Enfinehti Enfinehti 18-21, F 12 Answers Mar 5, 2012

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depends whether you are always happy about yourself which is good,

or always get upset about criticism which is bad.

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Not sure that's the right question. It's kinda like asking if your nose is a curse or a gift...

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Depending on how it's used.

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There are three parts interconnected of the human Consciousness: 1)...The Personality (Ego; finite; time and space manifestation; attached to the physical illusiary world);.....2) ...... The Higher Self (finite; time and space manifestation; mediator between the Ego and the Infinite / "God"; the spiritual human knowledge component of Consciousness);.....3) ............. The purely energetic/spiritual, "God", the Omniverse; Cosmic Consciousness (the infinite; the Absolute; the Quantum Field).

The personality or Ego alone is the base Self without guidance. It is irrational, emotional, judgmental, cruel, fearful, jealous, empulsive. The personality is tempered by the Higher Self which is intelligence, balancing, informed, knowledgable, filters the pure essence of "God" Consciousness to human awareness in a way that would not explode time and space (for lack of a better way of putting it). The higher self is the spiritual recognition side. It brings meaning. This is what separates Man/Woman from beast.

there is the pure energy/spiritual that encompasses every energetic form from quark to Universe and everything beyond and in between. It permeates everything. It is infinite; vast; all powerful; information of everything; everywhere at once because time and space does not limit it. It is commonly known as "God."

The Personality or the Ego is the finite tool for the Infinite, Absolute Consciousness. The Ego is necessary to learn, evolve, and awaken and recognize unity on Earth. Without the Ego, there is no life, no higher Self. You have a choice to think, Be, and act with the Ego (which may lead to impulsivity, fear emotions, etc.) or you can turn awareness to the Higher Self which means you become very spiritually minded, balanced, calm with moments of bliss, love, and joy.

Think of the Ego at the far end of the human consciousness spectrum and the Higher Self at the other end. It is very difficult for a changing energy like human consciousness to be completely set one way or the other on the spectrum. Human beings usually find their consciousness hovering closer to the middle of the two extremes.

Veer to the left of the spectrum (Ego) then there are a lot of issues that arise that could reflect issues like crime, drug abuse, mental illness like depression & anxiety, impulsivity that might result in injury, promiscuity, discontent, etc.).

Veer to the right of the spectrum (the High Self)) then you will become spiritually minded, have intelligence, usually introspective, creative, mindful, calm, loving, comfortable, etc.)

A person's consciousness is not static it changes somewhat like the weather. There are stormy, clouds of gray, and even tornados at times (Ego in control) and then there are bright clear days when the temperature is ideal and sight is 20/20 on the path (the Higher Self in control.) The idea is to stay in the higher self zone for as long as possible!

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I think its a curse for angry and annoying people because due to their egoistic behaviour they spoil the good things in life.But, its a gift who use ego in right and positive way and don't scar their image by using in a negative way.

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Ego starts out as a gift then what? We use it as a weapon, as a can be both.

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One should learn how to use it and how to stop it hurting oneself and others.

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Gift ...until throw in trash can :-(((

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EGO is a gift from Satan, but surely not from God. I think that it's ok to be CONFIDENT in who you are as long as you know Who deserves all the credit. EGO is a curse. One's ego is created on his or her own merit.

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