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Is anyone else really upset about this confusion? I still have the old category list on the EP pages but when clicked, a message proclaims there are no questions under that category. Is this every going to be fixed? How are people finding the questions they want to answer now? I want to be able to find questions under a certain category which is basically the only one that interests me. I have been on EP less than I ever have been in the last couple years because I find the changes frustrating, user UN-friendly, confusing, and so I give up..... Will it be fixed ever? Thoughts?
BluOmni BluOmni 31-35, F 3 Answers Aug 6, 2012 in EP

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the only category that comes up when clicked on is the Mature Topics....

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I had a question about it but i guess that disappeared.<br />
<br />
If it gets too bad I may just end up going to another site. The boards were the only reason I stayed on here.

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