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nice profit for yourself and recoup all of your development costs by charging $1800 for a course of treatment. There are chemotherapy drugs that cost many times that amount, and you know if you wanted to you could charge many times that amount and still get insurance companies to pay for your treatment. Where do you set the price for your drug?
CartoonishSuperVillainy CartoonishSuperVillainy 36-40, M 6 Answers Jan 29, 2014 in Community

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LOL..... Enough said, it's a corporation we're talking about who used public grants to develop the product via R&D assistance at public universities..... The "you" is the living corporation who will patent or buy the patent to manufacture the drug at 200-500% gross margin in the states and only 10-50% margin in counties with regulations..... Not the answer any of us who live in the States wants to here but, that's the way it works.... Your tax dollars pay the University systems for the R&D and the corporations swoop in to screw all of us over..... Don't get me started on Medicare, Medicaid, and Obama Care. Our system is completely broken due to lack of regulation.

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I guess that would mean I have the power over life and death.....get your check book ready

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