Yet another documentary reveals yet more dark secrets of the military powers in the U.S. Many countries have dark secrets..but its hard to find worse examples of hypocrisy and sinister murderous acts..What price freedom,democracy and wealth?? Supplying weapons to competing sides in order to de-stabilise.Dropping so many bombs on a country which was simply minding its own business.A humble innocent place. All in secret. Enlisting child soldiers.More bombs were dropped on Laos by the U.S. than they dropped in total in World War Two....I do wonder how many Americans realise such facts..Even today. Is this how we want to treat each other and the planet? The Vietnam war was ended because people started to realise what was actually going on.Maybe its time to end all wars? Either way,we cannot ignore history.The damning truth eventually comes out. Maybe Nature is getting tired of us with the way we behave? Not just because of the way we consume and pollute,but the violence we exert be
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Thanks for the reminder, I'd say nature might lose its balance if we keep playing with its cycles.

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Yes.I do feel that with all the destruction for no gain and without really much reason,it would certainly not help the natural balances found in healthy ecosystems..

Its worth considering i guess.

May Nature be kind to you SS.

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Possibly the new world order peza!!

Was thinking while watching this doco,.that given the current global climate changes and our newly perceived vulnerabilities,.that it might be a good time to take stock.

People might see things as being connected, in greater numbers,than previously.

We might evolve a notch..In a sublime way...


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