So my ex messaged me few days ago asking how i was doing and all. And last night i almost ran into him. I met one of his friends who was like why dont you join us and i had just passed the road stall he was at. I declined. After that he hasnt made any contact but i kinda relived all that crap that happened and i'm very disturbed. Is it a good idea to tell him not to contact me ever again or should i just let things be?
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Sad as it is, yes tell him, well no write him a letter or e-mail, to leave you alone. But only once. After that, ignore him, you can't let him have this hold over you, it is not good for you.

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thank you.

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Do't you agree that over is over? Move on!

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let the fish swim, if he wants to find the shore he knows where to go

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Ask yourself... Do you want him...!!! Then

Just tell him straight "One way or the Other"

Then you will feel better and be able to carry on with your life

and he will know He has blown it?

Good Luck!

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If that's the way you feel about, then yeah tell him to leave you alone

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