he says he realized his mistake and wants to repent by seeing me happy, claims to be in a relationship and wants the same for me, is he lying or real.
avidiva avidiva 26-30, F 6 Answers Jun 20, 2011

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no cure for that,stay away from him

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Shouldn't it be you splitting from him??

Takes 2 to tango as we all know,.and usually theres 2 sides to the story,unless your a total victim..

Obviously you need to move on and get some self-awareness happening.

Good Luck.

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Move quickly. Change your name. That guy is insane.

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he's takin his aggression out on you.........sign of someone whose led a loser life & wants everyone who shows him love to suffer with

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Sounds like a wacko doctor O.O " I want to cure you " -_- i don't see how breaking up with someone and putting them through traumatizing healing time will cure them but ok

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