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I'd guess he is doing this because he wants people to think he is the good guy and didn't act badly..

Mostly people do that to deflect the attention away from themselves.. its a form of insecurity too.. he wants people to not think badly of him..

All you can do is just correct the lies whenever you hear them. Oh and maybe tel him you know he has been doing this and that its unacceptable.

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he still love you. how about you?

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Ok I have this ex bf that is telling everyone I cheated on him and that's why we broke up. But this is not true because he only broke up with me because I was still talking to my guy friends & because I liked another guy and he didn't like that, and after 2 months he asked me out again, and I never responded. Now he telling his friends he likes me still and he shows he has interest in me, but If I "cheated" then why would he want me back.

I'm unsure on how to handle this especially because I have no attentions of talking to him, let alone looking at him.

I still like him it's just I don't trust him (he lied, and tried to manipulate me and my guy friends many times, also he was very jealous and controlling ) also when his friend asked him if he liked me he replied no (naww) in a very sarcastic tone.

He's that same virgo ex btw

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