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So it happened that every story has two sides and they're both liars.So,I'm talking about my ex and my "best friend".We were on friend of our birthday party,it happened months ago.I couldn't stay long so I left early.They were playing a game when they're locked together and they've make out.So this "son of a b*tch" lied to me all the time,and this "sl*t" lied to me.She said she've wanted to tell me but she didn't because of him.The thing is,I've got like a sense that something's going on between them,It was like my inner feeling I can't explain it.Sorry for words I'm using I just don't know how to even call these liars.So they both lied to me.The people I trust the most.But you know he's a cheater and they won't last long,I think so.And the stupid thing one of my bffs knew about it and didn't tell me a thing.So.. now she's on the "sl*t side" and basically they scre*ed me up.Now they both're acting bitchy and the boy,well he told me to hate him.That was his last word to me.Any advises??
OlsN98 OlsN98 16-17, F 1 Answer Aug 11, 2012 in Broken Hearts & Betrayal

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I say you cut off communication with both of them.! (if possible) This is your chance to make a BIG change (unless you really dont want to) but think about it. You can get a whole new group of friends.!

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Yes,I can.And that's why I'm thinking to do.What bothers me is that they ( my ex - bff's ) will going to act like total "bitc*es" when this fall we go back to school.We're in one class,I know them so they'll act like they hate me and whatever..I mean they're gonna be just mean and all that kind of stuff.I'm a bit afraid of that,I don't know if I'm gonna handle it without punching one of them faces..

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I'm so glad you are going to do that! It may be rough, but your actions may cause your friends to think about their own behavior (maybe not) & so what if its rough? they'll get tired of it- something new will come up, something else to take their focus off ruining your life.....keep the peace, man-----

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