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Alyssa5977 Alyssa5977 13-15, F 3 Answers Apr 24, 2014 in Community

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My nephew, hears voices, thinks my dogs are telling him what to do.

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A further explanation to the question is, I just want to know how it affected them. My dad ranges from schizophrenia to bipolar and is in and out of the hospital so his diagnosis is always being switched. He's not a good person at all but my mom is letting him stay with us again because of his illness. Very frustrating for him to always be excused when he's left me broken several times. He used to take a lot of drugs and it would cover the illness and just make him very mean but now he is mostly sober and it's showing. He thinks he is Jesus and he hears voices and thinks there is a plan in the government or something. He also thinks he can control things by pointing his finger at things, even people. It's so hard being the child of one and try to understand but basically having to raise yourself. Thank you for anyone who shares your experience with one, I know how difficult it is.

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