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Including the following: Preventative treatment changes, such as diet, exercise, and so on The future focus on treatment, such as technology, genetic engineering, and so on
mbeeh mbeeh 18-21 5 Answers Apr 10, 2012

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There are a lot less smokers out there and there is still a lot of heart disease. They've shifted it because obesity is now America's number one killer. Sadly America's fat *** is busy shoveling crap into their mouths. Everyone demonizes the smokers but your diet and lifestyle have much more to do with it, of course if you're unhealthy to begin with and you smoke heavily on top of it you're basically digging a grave with a ladle.

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I don't think they are changing their focus to technology or genetic engineering. The overwhelming majority of heart disease is lifestyle related. The focus is still on prevention. In the absence of prevention, which goes for many lifestyle related diseases associated with obesity (many cancers and heart disease), we do need advanced technology to treat the damage caused.

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due to the increase of consumption of processed food and hormone enduced food, the percentage of people with heart diseases are on arise. <br />
<br />
I don't know. I made that up.

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