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He was so excited to be playing in the garden with my friends dog that he had an ******. At 5 months old. I could clearly see his 'deposit' on the other dogs fur. He is only 5 months old (black labrador) My words have been hashed out. I mean to say 0rga$m
Xxsammiejoxx Xxsammiejoxx 22-25, F 1 Answer Jan 14, 2013

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Writing bout it on Ep may not be, but yeah - pretty normal for a dog. He's adolescent.

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I was just so confused lol. As to why he is doing this so young.

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Lot like people in that regard - some mature earlier than others. Prolly time to start keepin him away from Gma's leg. And ask his vet bout neutering - or keep him away from females.

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