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She's a decent girl who I've known for only 2 yrs. Not really close but we've chatted online and stayed in contact even after high sch.. Its been 3 years since..We've planned to meet for lunch at a restaurant and do a little reunion just the two of us. After that, to the bowling alley. How's that sounds? Any dos and don'ts to look fr? P.S I'm having the jitters. Never had a date :/
PangeranCinta PangeranCinta 18-21, M 5 Answers Oct 7, 2011

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uhm just let things flow............remember to listen to her haha dont try to tell her ur all and not listen to her as well.....uhm smell good..........look good and have fun.....bring ur personality and ur money...that shud be it

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Just try to be yourself but confident

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