I was given life lectures and told that my life is in a rut, now I think about it everyday. I regret not moving away to a far away college instead of staying home and going to the local college (not an option to move out right now). My sibling moved out and I feel that shadow hanging over me, cause no matter how much I help around the house I'm called unmotivated and lazy. I have joined activities in college and I volunteer, but I have not found anywhere that I feel like I belong. A major thing is suffer from low self esteem and I tend to dwell on the past (I know this is like a brake on life). I struggle making friends cause I'm self conscious and think that everyone thinks I'm weird and only hang out w/me out of pity. This summer I have no friends to hang out w/. How can I stop dwelling on the past?
Russianclomooogirl Russianclomooogirl 22-25, F 6 Answers May 28, 2012

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Embrace the past because you cant run from it but you can learn..Dont be so hard on yourself YOU ARE NOT A LOSER.

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By making the future. Plan for the future and work to make those plans happen

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it's better than being stuck in a ditch

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