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My boyfriend just left for field training (Max 4) this morning and I've been a complete sobbing mess for the last 24 hours. I'm honestly not doing as well as I thought I would. 23 days until I can talk to him again, and I have never wished for a month to go by any faster. Has anyone else been through this? I have a full time 8-5 job on weekdays, but it's going to be coming home to an empty house and empty bed every night that is going to be the hardest part. We live together and have been inseparable since we started dating. I gain weight when I'm stressed/depressed and I really don't want to let myself freak out over this too much. He has been through basic and tech school, but that was 2.5 years ago before we started dating. Field training is nothing to him since he has been away before, but I have never been a military girlfriend or had to go through separation without communication. Any advice?
averymfaust averymfaust 22-25, F 1 Answer Jul 2, 2014 in Military

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Read some of the experiences on here. They will break your heart!

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