all this time i didnt delete him frm fb so i can still hold onto the hope of us being friends after 6months or something, the time i told him i might take to get over him.a couple of days back i befriended a guy in my class who is into painting which he had clicked n put up on its like before that for good 10days i hadnt activated my add this guy & see his pics i activated my profile and 3 days later what i see is my ex putting up statuses like 'i love russian girls' in russian though so probably i couldnt understand but i took the trouble to translate it, since the option is always there. n i was always perturbed by his love for russian people since he had lived there for 6yrs.but this status just jolted me & even i put up the status that im going out of station & intend to have fun with boys & rum.i was going out,bt with my family,so i lied to get even.10min later i deleted him & all of his frnz n later regretted for stooping so low as to get even,but who started it?
Nishitaa Nishitaa 22-25, F 5 Answers Nov 4, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Seems you have deleted him from your FB account, but not from your life.

If you really want to delete him, forget him and move on.

Some people you are fated to meet but not destined to be together..

Flip this page from your life..a chapter has eneded..not the book..there are other pages in the story of your life just waiting to be read..waiting for you..more exciting,happier and happening..go on girl,live the life you deserve..a great one ..yeahh !!

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Enough! He's gone, bye bye! Forget the past & make yourself a future. Get a life!

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just forget the in present..and plan for future...!!!! :-)

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You'll most likely see that as a good thing that it ended before long

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