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I went to a catholic high school and in the beginning of grade 9, I announced to my female friends at the lunch table that I like girls. They looked at me with disgust.(they would all soon reject me for my coming out) I regretted what I had done, and felt really ashamed. Then a couple days later, I was talking to two of these girls and a new girl in the washroom. When the bell rung, as they began to leave, the new girl waited till they all walked out of site and then slowly went up to me and brushed her slender body up against me. Her private part was right against mine. It turned me on so much. I was so shocked and surprised and confused, so many butterflies in my stomach. Time seemed to stand still. Then she quickly left behind them as to not arouse suspicion. I recognized her, she was sitting at the table where I told my friends I like girls.

A year later, she openly came out as lesbian.

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I didn't accept that I liked girls until about maybe a year ago, so I never had any real experiences up until then except for like girl crushes. That should've been a sign!lol But having these secret crushes and then girls playfully flirting with me(don't know if they're straight or what) but there was no more denying it for me. I liked it a lot!

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Several months ago.

And yes it was everything I'd ever imagined it would be.

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My first valid Lesbian experience was in high school, at a bargaining agreement. We sat at different tables, since we were from different schools. At first, I just glanced at her. She was laughing with her friends, and her eyes were lit up with joy. She stood out because of the way she dressed, which put off a creative vibe, and a geeky one.

When we were doing role call, the hostess called her name, and it stuck with me. That's amazing because it took me five years to remember my mothers name. After I was seven.

My eyes kept drawing to her, and I admired her. She, who will not be named, was beautiful. Soft features, short caramel hair, and she just looked so natural. Sadly we weren't on the same team, or even on opposing teams, so I could only see her at breakfast and lunch. Though I always kept my eyes out for her, and got as close as possible, hoping to strike up conversation.

I could have joined her and her friends if I wanted, because I'm not lacking in confidence or the conversation skills, but I don't generally make habits of talking to people without reason.

I let her go, and for weeks after my heart fluttered whenever I thought of her. I drew her. I stalked her. She is actually an artist, like me, and was in some community art shows. I didn't get to go, but I kept her in mind in case I ever got the chance.

Eventually my feelings faded, but even now I still fantasize about giving her a light kiss on the lips.

That was my first and only Lady-Crush.

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It was weird and awkward at first but things got better after a while.

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No. My first bi exp was weird.

I went to a ********* with a married couple. Thought everyone was done.

Nope, flirting with the wife i suddenly had a head in my lap. Yeah the husband s.

Didn't ask for it. She talked me into letting it go on.

Since id just popped doing straight stuff it took like 30 mins for me to finish again.

And after he stood up. He wanted me to return the favor. So he offered me his junk.

I felt obligated to at least touch it.

I gave him a *******.

I remember feeling him throbbing and pulsing for more.

But I'm straight. Bi acts while interest ing don't do it for me. Unless we're talking lesbians

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I was nervous when I had my first gay expierence I enjoyed it but nervous

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It was very disappointing for both of us

Because my lack of experience


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First lesbian experience I made out with a girl in 6th grade and it was weird as hell

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