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problem is that i am not happy, i have no other family member, no friends, just feeling depressed, sad, lonely and controlled. i want to get my transfer degree in computer science but for that i'll have to stay for two and a half more years at my aunt's house which i really don't want to do, but this is where my parents sent me from Africa and i can't just leave unless it's on campus. Is it possible for me to be accepted into a four year university with a General AA degrees and take the required classes for the computer science program at that university instead of my community college?
lapatience lapatience 18-21 4 Answers Jan 25, 2012

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I'm not sure which the question is either. But If you don't want to live with someone while attending community college you don't have to. You can take out extra money for living expenses and use that to pay rent. Then get a part time job to pay for food and what not. That is what I did. I do owe a bit more but it was worth it.

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I really think you should...

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