My boyfriend wants me to get an abortion and as I see it I really have no other choice. I am in my first trimester probably around 7 weeks and going to have a Machine Vacuum Aspiration. I would like to hear other womens experiences with a first trimester abortion besides the abortion pill. I would like to know exactly how it happened and all the details if you wouldn't mind. Like how they helped your pain how many visits you had to make, if anyone talked to you about what was to happen and answered you questions, the actual operation and recovery, and also if they allow someone else in the room with you. Please help me and give your full experience and exactly how it went, because I am very scared going into this so young. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you so much
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ADOPTION not abortion. You, the child and God will all be happy with that decision. Tell the immoral boyfriend to take a hike.

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I will try to answer your question. When I had my abortion it was 10 years ago so I don't know if anything has changed. It was a vacuum aspiration abortion not the pill. I was 10 weeks pregnant.

Emotionally the worst part is the ultrasound that they have to do to prove that the pregnancy is not further along than you claim. They don't try show you or anything, but my suggestion is don't look. I was so disturbed and actually left and had to reschedule my appointment after the ultrasound. I am glad that I had the abortion. I believe it was the right choice. I do not and have never regretted doing it.

They did have a counselor that I had to speak to before the procedure. She was willing to answer any questions. She, also, was very concerned with making sure that it was my decision and that I did not feel pressured by someone else. Also, some agencies such as planned parenthood offer free counseling that is not biased towards a pro-life view point. If you need someone to talk to try finding a service that will counsel teens wether it is before or after the abortion.

The wait is long and it can freak you out if you are already nervous or upset. Make sure whoever goes with you is calm, comforting, and supportive. The procedure itself feels kinda like really severe menstrual cramps and some pressure. I don't think they let anyone else in the room with you. It is uncomfortable, but not excessively painful. Just try to breath, it is over very quickly. Afterwards they make you stay in recovery for a while. It is basically just a room with a nurse and several beds for patients where they can watch you and make sure you are okay. In an hour or two they should let you go home.

Afterwards you will be crampy and sore and tired for several days. It is mostly like being on your period only a bit worse. Your doctor should give you instructions on how to take care of yourself. I believe they suggest that you rest and not work or lift or anything for 3 or 4 days. So, plan for that. Remember to fill and take the prescriptions they give you exactly as prescribed. They are important for helping you heal quickly and safely.

As I recall they covered all the pre-tests (blood tests, ultrasound, and such), counseling, and the procedure all in one appointment for me. A single follow up appointment was set with a regular gynecologist not at the clinic. Where they do another pregnancy test to insure success, make sure you are healing well, and arrange birth control. The place where you are going may do things differently.

Good Luck!

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Leave her alone, guys--unless you're going to actually answer the question she asked. Most of you have not. She needs support right now, not anti-choice rhetoric. Unless you've been there personally, you can't possibly know what she's going through. Leave your god and any other personal agendas out of this.

It's a choice that only she can make--and no one else--including her boyfriend (who should STFU, it's happening to her, not him--she'll be the one to deal with the consequences of whatever decision she makes, not him).

Only she knows what is right for her, her life, her body, and her future.

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Not every *********** deserves a name. Sometimes the best thing to do is not bring another baby into the world. It is her choice and she shouldn't be criticized for it.

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Please ....don't

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Remember to research the physical and mental problems women who have abortions get. Just so you really know what you're getting yourself into. Women who have abortions normally feel traumatized and guilty. They don't recover for awhile. Plus (you need to look up the details, because I don't know them) it's been proven that women who get abortions are 66% more likely to get cancer. Before, the Cancer Foundation dismissed this "link" but it's been scientifically proven. I don't mean to try to talk you out of it, just please make sure you know ALL the dangers.

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I would ask that you look beyond what the pro-choice movment tells you. They make it sound like a fairly simple "choice". My experience is that my best friend had an abortion at 8 weeks and the clinic told her it was a "blob" of tissue or cells. She did some research of fetus development after the abortion and found out that at 8 weeks the developing human has so many organs and body systems, beating heart, ten fingers, ten toes, eyes, ears... etc. She regrets believing it was a little blob, and now knows (she is a nurse now) that it was a little human. She regrets the absense of information she didn't have... every day. She says to me that if she only knew it wasn't a blob at that stage. I would say do your own research. Pregnancy doesn't last forever, but the abortion does last forever. This could be one of the most important decisions of your life. My thoughts are with you...

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wow, ccdo was so abusive in their comment!!

I don't have an experience.

This depends on how much you love your boyfriend, because that will determine how much you love your baby. If you don't want to do abortion you could do adoption. If you hate the boyfriend and don't want his baby do abortion. But since you aren't engaged or could leave him too!!!! If you think you want to, you could be a single mother if you'd rather have the baby than him...just consider how it will affect your future love life. You are better off dumping him if he doesn't want it since then you can get full custody and the man you marry will be his real dad, not some loser.

It depends what you want to have in your life. I cannot tell what is best for you since you didn't include what you think your life will be if you do abortion, adoption, or keep it. write the pros and cons down then pick./

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