I realy want to watch a horror movie that will scare the bejesus out of me, I don't mind if it has subtitles so long as it's really scary. Also anyone know any good scary novels to read?
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Totally agree Watch the Grudge and Grudge 2. Saw years ago and my daughter and i still make references to it. In fact we where driving down the road one time when she put her long hair over he face and had me look at her...i almost drove off the road i was so scared. When you see the movie you'll know what i mean. The latest movie 'The Unborn' looks good too, the part where they show some creature coming around the corner scares me,though I'm getting used to seeing the commercials now. I still change the channel. The Exorcist is always good. Also 'Session Nine" it didn't stay in theaters long but looks scary as hell. Ridley Pierson writes scary stuff and some of Dean Koontz's early stuff.

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I don't think very many movies in the horror genre actually qualify as 'horror' since most aren't all that scary. Most of them are filled with gore, not horror.

The Japan-style horror movies are sufficiently creepy to stay with me after viewing, movies like 'The Ring' or 'The Grudge'. I hear the original Japanese versions of these films are scarier than the American counterparts. They are called 'Ringu' and 'Ju-On'.

As others have said, the '8 films' series is good.

Another movie I found scary was 'Session 9'. Not all people like this movie since its horror is psychological and atmospheric. If you like tension and psychological horror, though, it's a great movie.

Scary books? Here's a few that come to mind: "The Shining" by Stephen King, "Phantoms" by Dean R. Koontz (way better than the sad Ben Affleck movie), any collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories, and "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman.

There, that should keep you busy for a bit.

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One really good horror movie that I saw not long ago was Mirrors! It was VERY scary! And one that has come to the cinemas is "The Unborn", have only seen the trailer, but without having seen it all recommend it! I´m looking forward to seeing it!! Glad I´m not the only horror movie fan!!

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My bloody valentine does a great job and i have heard that the remake does it to i havent gotten a chance to go yet and in my opinion It that movie scares the crap outta me

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The Birds

Ehe Exorcist 11

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Ticks. It's old and maybe a little hokey but it stars Seth Green and Alphonso Ribera. Just think, a bunch of steroided up ticks that eat you from the inside out. Heeby jeebies for days.

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"SHUTTER" was an excellent movie. It stars Joshua Jackson from Fringe series.

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Im a horror movie fan myself, but its hard to recommend one that will "scare the bejesus" out of you because I am not easily scared by them. However I might recommend anything in the '8 films to die for' series or "after dark horror fest' series of films.

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