I am 17...for whoevers wondering.
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I suspect you want to fool around with older men, and do not understand that men are subject to arrest not you. Men will go to prison and guys in prision will kill him instantly. Guys in prision have nothing better to do than kill what they consider low life pervers, even if you started it.

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NOOOOO.. Your younger than my step daughter & that as somebody else said would just be creepy. I mean I think young ladies are lovely & all. Just better suited for boys their own

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I wouldn't even hesitate to take a girl your age and just get right into it. I love younger girls, they are not *******, they don't sag, they have beautiful bodies, and love to try things. I don't care about age, 13 - 18 year olds are all perfect.

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Yes, absolutely. But then at 27, I don't feel the age gap is quite as big as some of the other guys on here, so maybe I'm not the best person to answer. I have a thing for younger girls anyway, so while I accept there would be some gaps in communication and culture, I would definitely date a girl that age for the "fooling around" alone, and see where it went.

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I would go out with you today but not get physical except for a brief hug and kissing your hand as a gentleman should. People would likely ask me how old my "daughter" was, and I'd feel silly telling them that you're not my daughter! :)

But when you reach 18 you'll be an adult in my state. Then I'd treat you as I would any other adult girlfriend.

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I wouldn't want a much-younger permanent GF as our interests would be likely to be too different. 16 is the legal age for intimacy in the UK; but there are not many who would rate such a relationship as satisfying. I did consider asking girls about 25 years younger than me if they would like to go on a trip together, which is different because it is only for the duration of the planned journey.

When I was at a job last week there was a 16 yo girl there who was absolutely charming and would have made a great travelling companion, because she had such a wide range of interests. However, like most men I wouldn't even consider an under-18 as a companion.

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Hell yes...and before you call me a perv the age of consent in the u.k is 16 so your legal.

Its amazing how these questions are always met with shock and comdemnation.

If a young girl wants to go with an older guy...why not...its her choice.

And older guys arnt just intrested in there own pleasure like younger guys are.

And are more open and honest about what they do and do not like...and relationships in genral.

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Ok you say that 16 and 17 year olds are naive?....And who`s fault is that?...The parents for not preparing there children.
Now ask most woman what man harmed them the most in there lifes...and i`m will to lay money the one that did the most damage was a selfish ignorant young man........Not an older man.

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