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If you check you will find that homeland sec, and you're local police dept run cell phone check's all the time, in this little town the sharrif's dept has a suv set up to listion in on any one they choose . I personly watched this unit in action . Thank's to our'e guverment they no longer need a warrent to tap you're phone it's now under the home land sec, act . If you use certen watch word's you're call's WILL be flaged . Same with face book and tweeter . Also if you check you will find that you're cell phone has g.p.s. traking that also show's who own's the phone . you can down load the progam you're self for about 10.oo buck's and see where any cellphone whose number is put in is at . Also you're cell can be turned on and you can be lisentioned to with out you're knowlage . Althow it will show up in loss of min. Just because you're pairnoid does't meen that they are't out to get you .....He who gives up freedon for sec . desurve's nither.....

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