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First of all it isn't a battle, it's a lesson. Your job is to stay centered, detach from the issue or problem by becoming an observer as if you are watching a movie, then simply recognize you as if you are watching it with God and act as he would act....with love. This to shall pass.

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the one you feed will win over... the good... or the evil. surely you know the difference between the two!? So.... it's a choice, and you walk the talk or you will be bouncing around with this same question....for years to come. remember... THIS IS ONLY A TEST! *smile*

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I've been through spiritual battles before and am going through one now. I think that the spiritual battle happens when you are becoming closer to the creator. The closer you get to the creator, the harder the other force fights to keep you from getting close. That is when the battle happens, when you start getting close to the truth or creator.

No one can help you, this is your fight. It is you vs that other force. The creator doesn't get involved. It's your responsibility to find the right path to the creator and that other force tries to confuse you with other paths. You need to choose the right one, and the larger the battle, the closer you are to the right path. That other force wont fight you if you go down the wrong path, that is what that other force wants. It will only fight you if you are getting close to the right path. Whatever that right path is, isn't for anyone else to say, you have to find it on your own. Just remember, the closer you get, the bigger the battle.

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Thanks you guys. I think what I should have asked is "is there anyone out there " so i didn't feel so alienated. My support system is pretty nil so it's nice to know there are people struggling with this that I can actually talk to. I hate that anyone has to struggle with such a difficult battle. Ive questioned every bit of who I am and have been my whole life but am slowly gaining my innerstrength and believing in myself and trusting my instincts again.

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I have been through a spiritual battle with satan himself and won! All thanks to Christ now I have peace, even though it was a long and hard battle. Just know that we are all just passing through, and keep looking up. If you want my help I will help in anyway I can, just PM me in my inbox. Hang in there.

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Come over to the dark side, its more fun, no preachy people and no bad singing

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Just out of curiosity dx2, aside from the lack of bad singing and preachiness, why do you think the darkside is so wonderful? My boyfriend resides there I am pretty sure.....that's scary all by itself lol

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Cos we got the Death star

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We all have battles in our lives but it is you that must trust in yourself and what you know to be true and only you who can find your answer

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Yes sure.. tell me about your battle...

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All we can do is listen and advise...

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